Consent - Yes once isn't yes always

Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health are launching a 4 week campaign focused on consent and education. Each week the campaign will have a new topic.

It doesn’t matter what gender or sexuality you are, if you’re planning to do anything sexual then anyone engaging in the sexual activity must give consent.
During the campaign, we will be covering topics such as 'What is Consent?', the 'Types of Consent', asking the question 'Why is Consent important?' and 'How to seek Advice' via our website and signposting.

Additional messaging includes Drugs & Alcohol Advice and raising awareness of our Sexual Assault Referral Centre Treetops

Yes once isn't yes always - what do we mean?

Consenting to intercourse on one occasion does not mean consent to other sexual activities on other occasions. Having intercourse with someone in the past does not allow that person to have sex with you again in the future. Consent must be obtained every time you engage in sexual activities with someone else. Consent can't be given when someone is incapacitated under the influence of drugs or alcohol, asleep or unconscious. 

Please find campaign materials below

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Please find a list of resources and signposting below: 

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