Cancel an appointment

We understand that sometimes plans change.  If you no longer need your appointment or just need to change the time, please give us plenty of notice so that someone else has the chance to use it. 

We’re working on an online cancellation process, but in the meantime please call 0300 300 2016 or, if you have a number for any of our specialist services, please call them directly.

In 2017, missed appointments cost Sexual Health £65,492.50 (based on national estimates of the cost of a missed consultation) each month on average and waste about 256 hours of trained clinicians’ time (based on 20 minute appointments).  That’s time and money we would rather spend on giving you a better service so thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so by letting us know if you can’t make it.

Remember that sometimes symptoms go away but the underlying infection doesn’t, so it’s still worth getting checked.  You can order a testing kit for an STI screen here.

While we value our patients’ confidentiality very highly, sometimes people miss appointments that are vitally important for their health or the health of people close to them.  We will do our best to contact these people and invite them back to see us at a mutually convenient time.  If we can’t get hold of them and the issue is very important, we may write to their GP.  

If we are concerned about the safety or well being of patients who miss appointments, we will take appropriate action in their best interests.


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