Contact the team - for Professionals only


Referrals: please visit our referrals page for information about referrals)


Clinical enquiries (from healthcare professionals / GP surgeries ONLY) email: answered within 2 working days: 


Urgent clinical enquiries: telephone 0300 300 2016 - please note that your enquiry will be placed in a work list and you will be called back by a clinician as soon as possible.


FOR PROFESSIONALS To order condoms for the Get it On scheme and other promotional resources - Tel: 0300 123 6604 Email:

*Please note this number and email is for professional use ONLY. Private condom orders are to be done via the PHR Any contact for personal condom orders will not be answered.

When contacting the team please include your name, company, contact number and reason for your call/email otherwise you may not be answered.


To book training email: and see our Network and training page


For network enquiries email:

Patients: please note that all these email addresses are for professionals only. Please do not email them. For all enquiries please phone our Single point of access number: 0300 300 2016