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Portsmouth Pharmacy Pilot

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If you need a repeat prescription for oral contraceptives, you can now get these free from the following participating pharmacies below.
This pilot service will make it easier for you to manage using the contraceptive pill. Instead of waiting for a GP appointment, you can choose a time that suits you at a pharmacy near you and receive the same expert advice. The service is free and confidential with private consultation rooms available.
What will the consultation include?
A pharmacist will carry out your one-to-one consultation. They will ask the same questions your GP would ask and may carry out some checks when necessary. The checks could include taking your blood pressure, weight, and asking about your medical history.
Would any health concerns be passed on to my GP?
If the pharmacist identified any health problems, they would talk to you about sharing this with your GP. As the service is confidential, the pharmacist will not speak to your GP without your consent.
Would I be able to switch contraceptive methods?   Some pharmacies can start you on a new oral contraception.
If they are unable to make the changes you have requested you will need to visit your GP or sexual health clinic.
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