Get it On condom distribution

Get it On (GIO) is the condom distribution scheme running across Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton. Anyone under 25 can get free condoms from lots of different organisations when they have a GIO C-Card.

A Get it On venue has professionals that have been trained to work with young people about their sexual health and relationships and who can provide young people with their GIO C-Card.

Type of venues that have signed up to the scheme include:

• Voluntary organisations
• Youth services
• Pharmacies (cannot issue C-Card)
• GP Surgeries

Becoming a GIO venue

Community venues who wish to join the scheme must have at least one trained professional. The trained worker will need to attend the RSE 1&2 training (or equivalent) in order to participate.

Organisations in Hampshire can find out more about the training (including booking information) through the Hampshire Get It On. Training registration instructions for non-school venues can be read here.

Already a GIO Venue?

If you have recently joined or are are already delivering the scheme please contact us on 0300 123 6604 or email us for a starter pack and our range of posters, leaflets and window stickers to help you promote GIO within your venue. 

To place an order for condoms, pregnancy tests and other resources such as C-Cards, please download and return the relevant order and monitoring forms to us.

Monitoring data needs to be returned to us every 2-3 months.

Please note we can no longer accept ordering/monitoring forms by fax. Please email or post your forms to the addresses on the bottom of the forms below.

Don't forget you will need to provide us with monitoring data when you place an order, unless this is your first order.


Guidance Documents

Make sure you let others know about you.

Check the GIO website  (Hampshire only) and  if your site is not listed, email your details to 

If you are a Southampton City or Portsmouth City service, email to