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Questions About Sex Campaign

Most young people reported not knowing enough when they first felt ready for sex.* This summer we are running a campaign to reach young people to support them with regards to their sexual health and wellbeing which aims to respond to commonly asked questions and key information young people should know.


What's New?
  • Our brand new updated young persons advice guide helps young people access accurate, reliable knowledge and connect with the professionals and services that can support them to be sexually healthy.
  • It focuses on key questions young people commonly have about sex and relationships.
  • It provides signposting support for young people who may have worries with regards to online relationships and how they can stay safer.
  • We have implemented new ways in which young people can talk to us confidentially.


How can you help young people in your role?
  • Signpost young people to the new advice guide
  • Encourage seeking support for sexual health and wellbeing
  • Share/create social media posts to increase engagement
  • Display the campaign poster in your settings


Young Persons Advice Guide

Click Here for Young Persons Advice Guide


Downloadable Resources

Campaign Image 1080x1080

Campaign Image 1200x628

Campaign Animated Video

Campaign Poster

RSE Tool Kit

Campaign Social Media Tool Kit



Tanton CJones KGMacdowall W, et al
Patterns and trends in sources of information about sex among young people in Britain: evidence from three National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles
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