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Lets Talk RSE Schools Programme

The Department for Education has introduced compulsory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for secondary pupils from September 2020.

Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Service is commissioned to provide RSE programmes free of charge to year nine students within selected schools, delivering learning outcomes which contribute towards the national RSE 2020 guidance for intimate and sexual relationships for secondary level education.

This local programme is called 'Lets Talk RSE'. 

  • What is Let’s Talk RSE

Let’s Talk RSE is a six session programme delivered to up to 24 students in year 9 and is designed to support students who may be more at risk of poorer sexual health outcomes, both emotionally and physically.

The six sessions cover a variety of topics, including delay and consent, online safety in relation to sexual risk, healthy and unhealthy relationships, STIs and contraception.  Delivered in a managed environment, we are able to deal with the complexities, challenges and worries that young people often have about relationships and sex.

Through this programme young people will:

  • be aware of emotional and physical changes that happen through puberty 
  • be able to identify what individuals want in a relationship including consent and the value of delay in sexual activity
  • identify, understand and manage the risks associated with Sex and Relationships including (but not limited to) drugs and alcohol, grooming, STIs, pregnancy, sexting, pornography, sexual exploitation and domestic abuse
  • understand and identify the differences and diversity in sex, gender identity and sexual orientation
  • know how to access services, groups, organisations and other sources of information, advice and support
  • develop self-awareness and self-esteem.

Feedback from young people who have completed the programme has shown that they have significantly benefitted from the sessions, gaining knowledge and confidence in order to make more informed choices to keep themselves safer in relationships.

The programme is delivered by experienced facilitators from Sexual Health Service and No Limits South, trained in the delivery of RSE for young people.

For more information about Lets Talk RSE and to enquire if your school is eligible for the free programme, please contact us on


  • Why RSE?

The Department for Education has recognised that high quality RSE supports young people with the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to cope with the many pressures and challenges of modern society. Developing skills such as negotiation and decision making means young people will be more prepared to take responsibility for, and enjoy, sexual and emotional relationships free from the unwanted consequences of sexual relationships such as sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies and the dangers of exploitation and abuse.

We aim to support students to gain the knowledge and ability to access services available to them at the time that they need them.


  • 1:1 Support

Our practitioners are able to provide one to one support for young people with identified vulnerabilities who are considered at risk of sexual exploitation, poor sexual health, unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Practitioners can provide Motivational Interviewing (MI), enhanced listening skills and sex & relationships education to empower clients to make informed choices about their lifestyles.

Click here to make a referral for one to one support


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