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If any of your tests show a reactive result you will be notified as you may need to repeat the test and access treatment. You should abstain from any sexual contact until you have accessed treatment.

Treatment is available free from sexual health clinics. To find your nearest sexual health clinic, please visit www.nhs.uk.

You can also obtain treatment for non-complex STIs from your GP (you may need to pay prescription charges).

We will send you an SMS text message and contact you by telephone to support you with accessing treatment and informing your partners.

Telling your sexual partners is very important, as they may also have an infection and require treatment. We know that this can sometimes be difficult and you can choose to do this yourself, or your local sexual health clinic can do this anonymously, meaning that we will not tell them anything about you or who you are. 


What do my results mean?
  • Negative result (no infection detected): This means that there was no current evidence of infection in the sample you provided and you do not have the infection(s) stated in the text message. If you test too early, STIs may not show up in the sample provided. Click for more information.
  • Positive result (infection detected): This means that there is evidence of infection in the sample you provided and we will contact you to guide you on how to get treatment.
  • Insufficient: this means that you have provided a sample that we have been unable to test.

If we have been unable to test your sample due to a laboratory error, we will send you out replacement testing equipment free of charge by first class post.

We will not send you replacement testing equipment if we have been unable to test due to:

  • Incorrect labelling of sample pot
  • Under or overfilling of sample pot