Solent Sexual Health Services rated as Good by the CQC

Sexual Health Services within Solent NHS have been rated as GOOD.


You can read the full report, updated in November 2016 here.

Overall rating for this core service Good

We rated sexual health services as good because:

Staffing levels and skill mix were planned, implemented and reviewed by the matrons to meet the level of need for the service/ needs of patients. All staff including bank staff were provided with induction, including competencies, to ensure they could safely and effectively undertake their role.

Where patients received care from a range of different staff, teams or services this was co-ordinated. All relevant staff, teams and services were involved in assessing, planning and delivering patients care and treatment. Staff worked collaboratively to understand and meet the range and complexity of patients’ needs.

Feedback from patients who used the service and other stakeholders was positive about the way staff cared for them. Staff treated patients with dignity and respect, and patients told us they felt supported and said staff cared about them.

Evidence based practice was being followed for care and treatment. Patients had appropriate and timely notifications but there were delays in the diagnosis time for Chlamydia patients and for testing times for children with HIV parents.

Services were planned in a way that met the needs of the local population. The importance of flexibility, choice and continuity of care was reflected in the services. The needs of all patients were taken into account when planning and delivering services. For example, the trust provided clinics for young people at locations and times when they could access them. Patients were offered appointments within 48 hours.

Information and data were used proactively to identify opportunities to drive improvements in care, for example, same day access clinics. Service changes were developed with input from doctors, nurses and patients who used the service, to understand their impact on the quality of patient care.

There was a culture of continuous learning, and sharing knowledge nationally, to achieve good patient outcomes.

Since the last inspection of the service in March 2014, there have been improvements in timely access to the clinics. This has included same day access clinics. Patients were now not being turned away from clinics without being assessed and prioritised, and given a plan that took account of their sexual health needs. Although delays meant some patients did not wait for treatment.


Please note the overall rating for the Trust is: