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Online STI Test Kit Blood Sample

Make the most of your online STI Testing Kit. The blood sample you are asked to provide will test you for HIV and Syphilis. Hepatitis B and C tests are also available for men who have sex with men. Swabs or urine samples cannot test for these infections. This is why it is very important to provide a blood sample. 

Need help with your blood sample?

  • Please read and follow the instructions included with your kit. Allow yourself time to complete the sample. Do not rush.
  • Do not affix the label to the blood collection tube until after collecting your sample. This is important as you will not be able to see how much blood you have collected if the label covers the sides of the tube.
  • The protective packaging wallet has been designed to provide a stable way of holding the blood collection tube whilst a sample is taken.
  • It is much easier to collect your sample if your hands are warm.
  • Be sure your finger is completely dry as blood will not form a drop at the puncture site of a moist finger.
  • Stand up rather than sit down when collecting your blood drops.
  • Hold your hand/arm downwards.

These two videos below are designed to help you with your blood sample. Please watch both if you are wanting more guidance.



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