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HPV Vaccination

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is now available in clinic for all men who have sex with men (including Trans people who have sex with men) up to and including 45 years of age.  This will help protect you against genital warts and both anal and throat cancer.

If you believe you are eligible for this vaccine, please discuss with your clinician when you next attend for your routine sexual health check-ups. 

How often should I attend for a check-up?

  • Every 3 months if you are having frequent new or casual partners.
  • Every year:  All gay, bisexual and other men who are having sex with men are recommended to have a full check-up for sexually transmitted infections including HIV every year, even if you don’t believe you have put yourself at risk.

Your HPV vaccines can be given at your routine check-ups.

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