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RSE and GiO Training

‘RSE’ Talking About Relationships and Sex with Young People, incorporating ‘Get It On’ Condom Scheme Training.

This course will be delivered over two sessions in partnership with Solent Sexual Health, Hampshire County Council and No Limits. It will give an overview of the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) statutory guidance, sexual consent, joining the ‘Get It On’ condom scheme, pregnancy test training, identifying local services promoting positive relationships for all young people and accessing Sexual Health Services.

The second session is designed to support and enable participants to feel more confident in communicating with young people on issues of sexual consent; contraception and STI testing. Participants on completion of the two sessions will be able to provide condoms and pregnancy tests to young people from your work place.


RSE and GiO Training
Learning Outcomes

RSE 1 (Virtual)

  • Understand what is Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
  • Increase understanding of human sexuality and the impact on young
  • Explore key vulnerability factors that may impact on good sexual health
  • To have practised engaging and communicating with young people
    about relationships and sex

RSE 2 (Face to Face)

  • Increase understanding of the Law and Confidentiality, including sexual
  • Increase knowledge of contraception methods and emergency
  • Increase confidence to promote and distribute condoms in line with
    Hampshire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership and Solent NHS Trust
    condom distribution guidelines
  • To gain an overview of the processes involved in pregnancy training, enabling you to effectively support young people with pregnancy testing.
  • To navigate the ‘Let’s Talk it’ and ‘Get it On’ Websites to signpost young
    people to appropriate services providing contraception; including
    condoms; emergency contraception; pregnancy testing; STI testing (in
    clinic and on line ordering)

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Please only book a place based on your company's location, otherwise there is a chance your place will be cancelled to allow relevantly located participants.

(RSE 1) Virtual 09.30-12.30
Tuesday 9th January 2024

(RSE 2) In Person 09.30-4.30pm
Tuesday 16th January 2024

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(RSE 1) Virtual 09.30-12.30
Monday 4th December 2023

(RSE 2) In Person 09.30-4.30pm
Monday 11th December 2023


(RSE 1) Virtual 09.30-12.30
Friday 8th March 2024

(RSE 2) In Person 09.30-4.30pm
Friday 15th March 2024


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(RSE 1) Virtual 09.30-12.30
Tuesday 6th February 2024

(RSE 2) In Person 09.30-4.30pm
Tuesday 20th February 2024

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Ordering Resources

Please see resources that are necessary to make GiO orders (once you have completed the training).

If you try to order without completing the relevant training, your order will not be fulfilled. 

For more information about the GiO scheme for professionals, please click here.

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