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Personal Health Record (PHR)

You need to register for a Personal Health Record (PHR) to get your FREE STI & HIV Test Kits and Condoms by Post. 

Register & use PHR

PHR information page

Order Free STI & HIV Test Kits and Condoms


Please be aware that our clinics are only offered in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

Alternatively, please call 0300 300 2016


Our phone lines can be quite busy during peak times, including Mondays and early mornings. Please consider phoning back at an alternative time to reduce your wait.


You have told us that it can be difficult to access our services over the last few years. We have been working hard to make changes to make this better for you.


Now, when you call 0300 300 2016 the very first person you will speak to will be a trained sexual healthcare practitioner who will listen to your concerns and advise you on the best course of action, whether that is sending you a home testing kit, booking an appointment at an appropriate and convenient time where necessary or sending you medication by post if possible.

Our lines are still busy, but more so on Mondays and early in the morning, so if you can call at another time, that will reduce the length of time waiting in the queue.

When lines are busy, you will also have the option to request a call back, which means that you don't need to stay on the line but will remain in the queue.

Our online Personal Health Record is still available if you prefer to access our service that way.

Did you know you can get your repeat contraceptive pill from a local pharmacy?

  • Portsmouth offer first supply and repeat pills
  • Southampton and Hampshire offer repeat pills

Click here to find out if your nearest pharmacy is offering this service.

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