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Learning Disability and Additional Support



Helping professionals support people with learning disabilities better understand health, illness, lifestyle and treatments.


People with a learning disability have the same rights as anyone else to express their sexuality and have personal and sexual relationships if they want to.

What's It Like To Attend A Clinic?

We teamed up with local charity Enable Ability to develop videos and virtual tours to help people with learning disabilities to access Sexual Health Services. 

Click on each button to access each video. These will open in a new window.

Walk from Car Park to Clinic


Walk Around The Clinic

Main Entrance to Lift and Waiting Room

Entrance to Clinic Corridor

Waiting Room to Exit Door

Main Entrance to Lift and Waiting Room

Booking an Appointment

If you have a Learning Disability and require an appointment please call 0300 300 2016 and tell them if you need extra help. They can make a longer appointment for you, if needed.


You can find your nearest Sexual Health clinic on our Homepage, and scrolling down to find our Clinic Finder.

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