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We have teamed up with local charity Enable Ability

What's it like to attend Sexual Health Services?

We have teamed up with local charity Enable Ability to develop videos and virtual tours to help people with learning disabilities to access Sexual Health Services.

Videos are available below and via the What's it like? App which uses immersive technology to help people who live with anxiety to access places and services, offering virtual tours and video walk throughs. 

Each video provides information about sexual health clinics in Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Isle of Wight and provide information about what to expect when you attend an appointment for contraception or sexually transmitted infections advice and support.

Click on each button to access each video. These will open in a new window.

Over 1 million get tested for HIV every year in England.

That's an average of approximately 3000 people per day.*

*Public Health England (2018). Sexually transmitted infections and chlamydia screening in England: 2017. Health Protection Report: 2018138

Public Health England (PHE), 2020, Trends in HIV testing, new diagnoses and people receiving HIV-related care in the United Kingdom: data to the end of December 2019. Available from: https://assets.publishing. 

It’s important to get tested early.

1 in 16 people living with HIV don’t know that they have it.*

The earlier you are diagnosed, the earlier you can make decisions about your treatment with the support of the HIV team.

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Do you want to use your own experience of living with HIV to give something back?

Project 100 is a national programme that trains people living with HIV to provide peer support. 

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