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Pregnancy worries

If you think you could be pregnant you should do a pregnancy test as soon as possible. You can carry out a pregnancy test three weeks (21 days) from the last time that you had unprotected sex. If you do a test any earlier it may not be accurate.

You can buy a pregnancy testing kit from pharmacies and supermarkets or you can get a free pregnancy test by booking an appointment at one of our clinics

View GiO Pregnancy Testing venues for Southampton
View GiO Pregnancy Testing venues for Portsmouth

If the test is positive, this means you are pregnant. All pregnancy tests, when carried out correctly, are reliable, including tests you do yourself.

You now need to think about what you want to do. You can choose to:

  • continue with the pregnancy and keep the baby - see your GP to arrange to see a midwife
  • continue with the pregnancy and have the baby adopted

If you are unsure that you wish to continue with the pregnancy, the BPAS service can discuss your options.

Pregnancy tests do not contain the morning after pill/emergency contraception inside them. Do not take any tablets contained within pregnancy tests. Please see our page on Emergency Contraception.


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