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Contraception is used to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

Some of the things you might want to think about when choosing your contraception are:

  • How contraception will suit your lifestyle.

  • Whether you want to use the method every day, every time you have sex or less often.

  • Whether you want to become pregnant soon, many years away or not at all.

There are several different types of contraception that can prevent an unplanned pregnancy. The Contraception Choices website provides honest information to help weigh up the pros and cons.

What's right for me? Contraception Choices

If you would like to order condoms by post, you will need to create an account using our Online Personal Health Record - click here to register or log in.

If you are using the pill or injection and are happy with these methods, you can see your GP for repeat supplies instead of coming to one of our clinics.

There are methods you can use which are long lasting, these are called LARC (Long-acting reversible contraception). These are marked with a star in the list below.

Benefits of using a LARC method

We offer the following contraceptives at most of our clinics:

Copper Coil (Cu-IUD)

The Hormone containing coil (LNG-IUD)

Combined pill - If you have missed a pill and need advice - please see our rules factsheet. You can also use this Missed pill calculator. This tool can help you better understand what to do if you forget to take your combined or progestogen-only pill on timeto ensure you take the right precautions after missing a pill.

Progestogen only pill



Internal & external condoms - You can order free condoms by post here, or you can buy them from most supermarkets and pharmacies.

Diaphragm or cap - We are unable to provide diaphragms in our clinics due to national supply issues. More information.

Vaginal ring

Sayana Press

* If you would like your coil changed or removed it is important you don't have sex or use an additional method of contraception 7 days before your procedure otherwise you will be at risk of unplanned pregnancy. The Sexual health service is not commissioned to offer appointments to people who require a coil fit for non-contraceptive reasons. For example if you need a coil fitting for heavy periods or HRT and you or your partner has had a sterilization/ vasectomy procedure in the past, we will be unable to provide this. Please contact your GP to arrange the fitting elsewhere. 

More information about contraceptive choices.  

Did you know?

  • You can start contraception at any time in your cycle however if you have unprotected sex (You may be at risk of being pregnant) you may not be able to have your chosen type of contraception at that time.
  • You can get most types of contraception from your GP but only some GPs offer coils and implants.
  • If you would prefer you can come along to one of our clinics. A nurse or a doctor will discuss your options with you to help you decide what is right for you. You can find your nearest clinic using our clinic finder.
  • Only condoms protect you and your partner against sexually transmitted infections.
  • If you didn't use protection or you think you might be pregnant, we also offer emergency contraception. To find out more, visit our emergency contraception page.


What's it like to attend Sexual Health Services?

We have teamed up with local charity Enable Ability to develop videos and virtual tours to help people with learning disabilities to access Sexual Health Services. 

Videos are available below and via the What's it like? App which uses immersive technology to help people who live with anxiety to access places and services, offering virtual tours and video walk throughs. 

Each video provides information about sexual health clinics in Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Isle of Wight and provide information about what to expect when you attend an appointment for contraception or sexually transmitted infections advice and support.

Click on each button to access each video. These will open in a new window.


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