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HIV - Testing

Testing for HIV is free and easy

This website is for all Hampshire residents - you will need a Personal Health Record (PHR) to claim your free test. This is quick and easy.


Why is it important to test?

HIV testing is really important, the earlier you are diagnosed, the quicker you can access treatment and support which will improve your long term health outcomes.


What is involved in an HIV test?

Someone will talk to you about the kind of sex that you have been having and will assess your risk. They will advise which test is suitable for you.

The two ways of testing are: 

  • simple blood test - your sample will be sent to the laboratory and you will receive your result within 7 working days. Order your postal HIV & STI test kit now
  • Rapid HIV test - this is a finger prick test which is used where higher risk has been identified. The result will be available immediately.


You can also get a "Rapid HIV test" in some community based venues, such as pharmacies.

If your HIV test is positive we will offer you a range of support services. We will also introduce you to local support services you may find helpful.


How can I get tested?


  • Our community Sexual Health team offer a Rapid HIV test in some community venues.




For those in Portsmouth & Southampton, you can order a free online test kit as part of a National HIV Self-Sampling Initiative (please click here for more information about the areas this scheme is offered in).


If you are concerned about HIV testing and want to speak to someone confidentially you can speak to one of our team on 0300 300 2016 or email our community Sexual Health team on

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