Order a test online

We offer two testing kits which you can order.

Please review both options before making your choice, these kits are available to people living in Hampshire, Southampton City or Portsmouth City (Excluding the Isle of Wight).

STI Test Kit

An STI Testing Kit will test you for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Hepatitis B and C tests are also available for men who have sex with men.

  • You must not order a kit on someone else's behalf. If the labels on your samples do not match the details provided when requesting a test kit, we will not be able to process samples at the laboratory. 
  • You must be 18 or over to order this kit.
  • You must have a valid UK mobile telephone number as your results will be sent to you via text within 7 working days of us receiving your samples.You will be asked a few short questions online before you can order your kit.
  • Your testing kit will be sent to you within 5 days of ordering.
  • If you require a results letter you will need to attend a clinical service for a sexual health screen. We cannot provide letters for STI test kits requested online.

Chlamydia Test Kit

A Chlamydia testing kit will test you for Chlamydia only.

  • You must be aged 15-24 to order this kit.
  • If you are under 16, we will call you for a confidential chat before we post your kit.


Please note: If you are planning to have IVF treatment and require screening tests, do not complete the online tests; you need to attend one of our clinics for testing. This is because you require a variety of tests and a letter (fee required) which can only be provided after proof of identity is produced.

Information about your kit:


  • Your kit will be sent to the address you have provided in a plain envelope.
  • The kit will contain all the information you will need to complete the tests.
  • If any of your results are positive you will be contacted to arrange treatment.
  • Our online test kits are free and confidential.
  • Need help with your blood sample? View our video
  • If there is a problem with your kit or you have not received your kit, please ring the service on 0300 300 2016
Got a question about HIV?

You can now chat to us online at our HIV live web chat service.