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DFSRH & Letter of Competencies in IUDs and Implants

Clinical sessions

The service can accommodate learners on their DFSRH and Letter of Competency journey in order to complete the clinical components of these qualifications.


Upcoming Dates

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Assessment Half Day (AHD) as part of the DFSRH

This assessment is a mandatory part of the Diploma.

Solent sexual health service aims to run 2-3 in person AHD’s per year.

The AHD is designed to assess the DFSRH candidates’ clinical knowledge and its application through both written and clinical assessments. The AHD consists of 2 Parts detailed below.

We recommend that the AHD is undertaken towards the end of a candidate’s journey when they have completed a majority, if not all of the learning and other assessments.


Part 1 – Written paper, 60 minutes

This written paper consists of 6 tasks, based on topics taken from the curriculum. Tasks will include labelling diagrams, interpreting data, short answer, multiple choice and single best answer questions etc.

Each of the 6 sections is marked out of 10 marks (60 in total).

Part 2 – Clinical stations, 60 minutes

This will comprise of 4 clinical stations, each taking 15 minutes, including reading time:

  • 1 role play station
  • 2 viva stations
  • 1 viva/teach station


Each station will be marked out of 15 marks (60 in total).

Both parts create 120 marks.

AHD cases and assessments will be changed quarterly.

For any enquiries about training please contact Dr Ellie Birtley, Education Lead:


Please visit the FSRH website for further information and updates.


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