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Supporting your community

Our services are available to all communities of Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.

We are also able to work within communities locally to offer support 1 to 1 support for people who feel that they are putting themselves at risk by the choices that they have made in their relationships and with the sex they choose to have.

This work focuses on helping people to make safer choices about sex and recognise unhealthy relationships. Anyone can make a request to take part in this work.

The Community Outreach Team also work with local community groups including LGBT+ organisations and Black and Minority ethnic community groups, to provide information on HIV prevention, sexual health, STI testing and contraception use.

If you would like to enquire about us working in your community, or with you as in individual please contact us securely at

Needs Assessment Reports

Men who have sex with men (MSM) Needs Assessment

Summary of recommendations from this report:

  • Targeted work with MSM, bisexual and transgender community re: HIV testing
  • Education and messaging to MSM community re: HIV, now a long term condition
  • Targeted education to under 25s re: condom use
  • Education regarding risk reduction and making choices about sex
  • Engaging with under 25s to deliver targeted work re: negotiating safe sexual relationships
  • Education with MSM re: chemsex and risk taking behaviours
  • Improve links and the provision of sexual health advice with MSM community who are using social media/websites/mobile phone apps to find partners
  • Access to HIV testing at home should be improved, possibly using other services, for example GP Surgeries and Pharmacies, in addition to being able to order tests online.
  • Improve access to Point of Care HIV testing in the community
  • Improve access to the provision of condoms and lube.


Black and Minority Ethnic Communities Needs Assessment

Learning Disability Sexual Health Needs Assessment Part 1 

Learning Disability Sexual Health Needs Assessment Part 2

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