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Get It On Condom Card

Get it On (GIO) is the condom distribution scheme running across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. If you are under 25 you can get free condoms from lots of different organisations. Even if you are under 16 years old you can still join the scheme. 

Click here to check out our Condom page for information and also a video on How To Put A Condom On!

What is a GIO Condom-Card?

A GIO Condom-Card (C-Card) is a 2 sided wallet sized card that looks like this:

GiO CardGiO card back


Alternatively, if you are based on the Isle of Wight your C-Card may look like this:

C Card Isle of WightC card Isle of Wight back

Think of your GIO C-Card as a loyalty card that allows you to get free condoms from participating Get It On venues. These venues include Pharmacies, GP surgeries, youth groups and sexual health clinics.

All you need to do is show your GIO C-Card at a GIO venue and you'll be given free condoms. We need to see your GIO C-Card so that we know you have spoken to a trained worker. You can do this 12 times before your card runs out, then you will be given a new card.

How do I get a GIO C-Card?

You will need to visit a GIO C-Card venue* where a trained worker will have a confidential chat with you. This will include some personal questions so they can make sure they’re giving you the correct information and advice, and they will teach you how to use a condom

Once that’s done, you will be given your GIO C-Card and some free condoms.

You can then use your GIO C-Card in any GIO venue.

*Please note that you cannot get your GIO C-Card from a Pharmacy, but they can give you condoms when you have your GIO C-Card.

Where can I get or use my GIO C-Card?

Get it On

You can use your GIO C-Card anywhere you see the Get It On logo.

Find your nearest Get it On venue in Hampshire.

Find your nearest Get it On venue in Southampton City.

Find your nearest Get it On venue in Portsmouth City.

Find your nearest Get it On venue on the Isle of Wight.

What condom size do I need?

There are many different brands of condoms available and they all slightly differ in their size. Most GIO sites will be giving out a brand called Pasante which are available in Trim, Regular and King Size.

You can view and print our helpful "What Size Condom Do I Need?" document here!




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