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Vasectomy Services

Vasectomy is a form of male sterilisation where the tubes are cut or blocked.

By law you do not need your partner’s permission to have a vasectomy, but some doctors prefer both partners to agree after they have received information and counselling.


For information on accessing Vasectomy services on the Isle of Wight, including referrals, and treatment information please visit MSI Reproductive Choices.


For Vasectomy information in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, please see below:

Please be aware that our Vasectomy Patient telephone line has changed to 0300 123 3931.

What happens during a vasectomy operation?

You will be contacted ahead of your appointment and asked questions relating to COVID-19. The doctor performing your vasectomy will be wearing full personal protective equipment. 

A large majority of men having a vasectomy will have a local anaesthetic, but sometimes a general anaesthetic can be used.

The operation takes up to 30 minutes and can be performed in a sexual health clinic or in some GP surgeries. The opening in the skin of your scrotum will be very small and should not require stitches.

You will need to use another method of contraception after your procedure, until you have been told that your semen test is negative.

If you have any concerns or problems it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Please note: All men will be required to sign a consent form after speaking to their surgeon on the day, prior to the procedure.  It is here for information only.


What if I am not sure if I would like a vasectomy?

You should not have a vasectomy if you and your partner are not completely sure, or if you are under any stress. Reversal operations are rarely available on the NHS and are not always successful.

There are many other contraceptive methods available. Click for more information. 

How do I get a vasectomy?

All men in Hampshire (excluding Isle of Wight, see here), Portsmouth and Southampton will need a GP referral to access a vasectomy.

  • Most GPs will refer using NHS E-referrals where you will be given a telephone consultation to speak to a member of the vasectomy team (number displayed will be 023 810 32800).
  • You will be required to complete an online questionnaire.
  • Your assessment form will be reviewed and an appointment will be made for your operation. You will be offered a choice of where you would prefer to have your procedure (sexual health clinic or at a GP surgery).

Important Information

  • You must be willing to undertake your operation within 18 weeks of referral from your GP.
  • If you fail to attend any appointment without prior notification, you will be removed from our waiting list and you will need to visit your GP for a new referral. 

Can women be sterilised?

Women seeking information on sterilisation should speak to their GP. 

For more information about male and female sterilisation visit the SexWise website.

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