Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health is now commissioned to provide PrEP for free to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria (see below).

We understand that anyone wishing to access PrEP is making an important decision in looking after their own health and wellbeing. Therefore, as a service we are here to support you if you have any questions about using PrEP. If you decide to access PrEP from other sources, we can provide you with safety monitoring and give you advice on usage. We will also provide routine STI testing and other Sexual Health services as part of your journey with PrEP.


What is PrEP?

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis against HIV) is a medication that can be used by people who are HIV negative, but at high risk of HIV, to dramatically reduce their chance of catching HIV.  It has been shown to be highly effective in clinical trials.

‘pre’ is something you do before a risk of exposure (in this case to HIV)

‘prophylaxis’ is a treatment or action you can take to help prevent disease.


PrEP is not the same as PEP 

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Who should consider taking PrEP?

A. Men and transgender women who:

  • Have sex with men
  • AND have had an HIV negative test during in the preceding year
  • AND report condomless sex (excluding oral) in the previous 6 months
  • AND are likely to continue having condomless sex (excluding oral)

B. HIV negative partners of an HIV positive person when:

  • The HIV positive partner is not known to be virally suppressed (<200 copies/ml for 6 months or more)
  • AND condomless sex (excluding oral) is anticipated before treatment of the HIV positive partner takes effect

C. Other HIV negative people assessed to be at high risk of HIV acquisition.

  • This may include people having condomless sex (excluding oral) with partners from parts of the world where HIV is common (such as Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean), and commercial sex workers or their clients who report regular condomless sex. 


Did you know? Nearly half of new HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals in the UK are Black African men and women – despite making up less than 2 per cent of the British population. Approximately half of Black African men and women diagnosed with HIV in the UK are thought to have acquired HIV while living in the UK.


Is PrEP right for me? 

Use the PrEP Tool to find out.

PrEP Tool


If you feel you fall into any of the above categories and would like further information regarding PrEP please contact our Single Point of Access number on 0300 300 2016.


If you are eligible to be provided PrEP by us, there are some initial tests which we need to perform at your first appointment. Most importantly, this will include a test to ensure you are HIV negative before commencing PrEP.

As part of ongoing provision of PrEP, you will be required to take regular monitoring tests which include a full STI screening every 3 months.  


PrEP will only protect you against HIV. Using condoms will help reduce your risk of other STIs, including Syphilis and Gonorrhoea, which are on the rise.

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Regular STI testing is important, and required if we provide you with PrEP.

Order a free home STI testing kit.


Online PrEP booklet