Isle of Wight Sexual Health Services Webinar for Professionals

We are hosting a webinar for professionals working with people on the Isle of Wight who are interested in finding out more about the in person and digital services on offer. During the webinar we will talk about the wide range of services available.

    • Thu, 16 Dec 2021 15:30

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Zoom/Teams  Policy for participants for all Webinars

  • Make sure that you are set up in an appropriate work space for the webinar.
  • Be aware of what is in the background of your frame. You may want to remove any personal or identifiable items, such as family photos etc.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the activity.
  • Make sure everyone in your household is aware that you are on a live video workshop.
  • Make sure that you are logged in using just your first name and initial only.
  • You will receive a meeting id and password via email, do not share this in any way.
  •  Do not record or screen shot anything during the workshop, only hosts will have the ability to do this and consent will always be sought beforehand.
  • If anything occurs to make you feel uncomfortable or upset, contact your hosts through the chat function.
  • Anyone who is violating our zoom policy will be removed without notice

Sexual Health Wellbeing Webinar

  • Coming in the new year

When the date and time of this training have been organised we will update our website and add a booking link.

Chemsex Webinar

  • POSTPONED - Coming in the new year

To highlight the start of HIV testing week Solent NHS Trust Sexual Health Promotion Team are running a webinar on Chemsex. The 1 hour webinar is aimed at professionals who want to understand more about Chemsex, the risks involved, services to support those who are involved in Chemsex and harm reduction tips, with the main focus being from a Sexual Health perspective. During this session we will also talk about MSM (Men who have sex with men) and the unique challenges in supporting MSM into accessing services and support. We will discuss Prep and Pep and HIV testing to ensure you have an understanding of ways you can support your service users through signposting and referrals for support.

The aims of the webinar are:

  • To learn tools & tips to strengthen and support people who are at risk of or engaging in Chemsex
  • To develop an increased understanding of matters facing people around Chemsex
  • How to support someone who is engaged with Chemsex to access support, if needed
  • Signposting to support organisations and services.

The objectives of the webinar are:

By the end of the session you should know:

  • What the term “Chemsex” means
  • The diversity of Chemsex experiences and situations, including public health matters
  • Language and terminology
  • How to respond to matters arising for people from Chemsex involvement
  • How to support someone who is experiencing challenges due to Chemsex matters
  • Signposting - local, national & further resources available

Previous Webinars

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinars. Links to presentations from previous webinars and Q&A's are available below. 

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Important Information:

All webinar sessions are delivered via Zoom. Please ensure you are able to receive emails from Eventbrite and solent.nhs.uk for pre-event details and joining instructions. This may include checking your organisations email security settings and junk/spam folders. Two emails with joining links will be sent out: two days before, and the morning of the event. Please check at these times to ensure you have received the email and contact us ahead of the event start time if you have not received your joining link.